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"No disease is rare when it affects someone you love"

National Organisation
for Rare Diseases


Family Relief Grants

The SMILE Foundation’s Family Relief Program, launched in October 2008, offers financial grants to families whose children suffer from rare diseases. The grants are administered through the Social Work Departments of Children’s Hospitals throughout Australia. Since the Family Relief Program launch, SMILE has assisted over 1000 families who in most cases don’t receive any other financial support.

Many parents have to give up work and move far away from their home when their child is diagnosed with a rare illness and the ongoing costs for equipment, medication and care can be crippling. These costs are often astronomical and the feedback SMILE receives from the families has been incredibly positive, not merely for the financial help but that SMILE is an address to turn to.

For more information about the program please email Evie Smith -

Testimonies from SMILE grant recipients

“I looked in my bank account today and noticed a lovely surprise!  Thank you so much to the SMILE Foundation for putting a huge smile on my face.  You don't know how appreciated and needed that money is to us.  We have a few more challenges ahead of us, but to have people like yourselves understand the uphill battle that we face and to help us with it makes it a little easier to bear.  So once again, a big thank you for your support.”
“Thank you for assisting with the assessment and approval of the SMILE Foundation Grant to help us with making a huge improvement to our son’s bedroom environment. With the funding from the SMILE Foundation, we have been able to make his daily living a bit more bearable. Thanks again!”
Quote from SMILE Foundation Chair:
"I am proud to be associated with SMILE'S Family Relief Program which is an enormous source of short term relief for parents who are desperately trying to combine financial commitments with thetime responsibility of looking after a sick child. Families are often only a diagnosis away from financial disaster. SMILE helps to keep these families focused on their children's recovery allowing them to not worry about paying the bills."
Dr Jonny Taitz, Consultant Paediatrician Sydney Children's Hospital and SMILE Foundation Chair.