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Professor Ian Frazer, SMILE Patron.

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"No disease is rare when it affects someone you love"

National Organisation
for Rare Diseases


SMILE ...About Us

Many parents have to give up work and move far away from their home, other children, friends and support network when their child is diagnosed with a rare illness. The cost of treatment is often enormous and ongoing costs for equipment, medication and care can be crippling. SMILE eases this financial burden through its Family Relief Program, offering grants to families struggling to meet everyday costs.

The money raised from the Xstrata Cycle for SMILE will allow the SMILE Foundation to continue its vital work with Australian families whose children suffer from rare diseases by providing financial and emotional support as well as access to information and essential resources. In addition to raising awareness of rare diseases nationwide, SMILE also funds research projects in the area of rare childhood medical conditions.

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Simpson Family

Simpson family (left to right) Cynthia, Daniel (who suffers from Fragile-X Syndrome), Amy, Rachel and Colin.